Merengüe 2013 / USA

Merengüe 2013 / USA

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Vintage: 2013

Varietal: 100% Petit Verdot

Aging: 12 months in American Oak barrels (Minnesota and Pennsylvania)



Clarity: clear, clean, bright

Intensity: medium-deep

Color (hue): garnett

Viscosity: medium to high



Impression/condition: clean, bright and attractive

Intensity: medium

Development: youthful-developing

Aroma characteristics:

Fruit: blackberry, black currant and black cherry

Floral: vanilla, berry

Spice: black licorice, smoke and tobacco

Vegetal: berry compote

Other: smoke, vanilla



Sweetness: low to medium

Acidity: refreshing and balanced

Tannin: medium to high

Body: full

Flavor intensity: medium to pronounced

Flavor characteristics: blackberry, vanilla, coffee, blueberry, herbs, caramel, toffee, tobacco

Length: medium to high



Quality: good- outstanding

Readiness for drinking: ready to drink, can age 8-10 years


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